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Managing Construction Series: Raising the Bar

The foundation of a successful project is understanding the commitments, expectations, responsibilities, “whys” and risks/rewards for all parties, in all the stages/components of a project. The goal of this course series is to help you and your team to ‘think differently about how you manage your projects, break us out of industry silos, and raise the bar in construction for everyone.

This innovative course series is taught by a group of multi-disciplinary industry experts and includes the perspectives and experience of owners, constructors, and consultants. Instead of learning from a solo instructor with a limited perspective, this course series challenges you to see and understand industry issues from all points of view.

“Best course I’ve taken through VICA yet. Excellent discussions and very knowledgeable instructors. Participation format was very effective.”

“What made the course great was all of the subject matter experts that could give ‘real world’ examples and suggestions. Best course I’ve taken so far!”

Courses in the Series

The training team for this series includes:

  • Lead Instructor: Debbie Hicks, B.Sc, DSH Consulting | President
  • Amy Spark, BA, CF APMP, PCL Construction | Proposal Manager
  • Art Winslow C.E.T (Arch), GSC, Colliers Project Leaders | National IPD Director
  • Bob Hildenbrandt, P.Eng., LEED AP, GSC 
  • Brad Stevenson, CPA CGA, BTech, PMP, Unitech Construction | Chief Operating Officer
  • Craig Shirra, BTech CM, GSC, PSQ, LEEDGA, UBC Properties Trust | Director of Development 
  • Elisa Brandts, AAA, OAA, NSAA, FRAIC, Stantec | Managing Senior Principal
  • Elizabeth Zhu, BSc., Fraser Health Authority | Procurement Manager
  • Jim Clement, GSC, Graham Construction | Operations Manager
  • Mark Scharf, BA, MHA
  • Michael Atkinson, LLB, Past President CCA, Past Secretary CCDC
  • Rick Boates, AScT., GSC, LEEDAP, Unitech Construction Management | President
  • Roy Timms, P.Eng. (Retired), GSC 
  • Terry Danelley, FRAIC, MAA, LM Architectural Group | Senior Advisor
  • Walter Strachan, RSW, PQS (F), CSC (F) 

What Students Are Saying

  • Very informative on contract management delivery styles with very interactive professional instructors with vast degrees of knowledge.
  • Best course I’ve taken through VICA yet. Excellent discussions and very knowledgeable instructors. The participation format was very effective.
  • Debbie is an excellent communicator who continually takes thinking to the next level.
  • Tremendously well laid out and organized course that covered four procurement models thoroughly.
  • Very good content. Really enjoyed having input from contractor, consultant, and owner instructors.
  • This is my second course with Debbie and she does an excellent job of keeping everyone engaged. Very knowledgeable about what is being discussed.