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  • Gold Seal Credits: 2
  • Licensed Residential Builder CPD Points: 11

CCDC 5A/5B: Construction Management Keys to Success | Live, ONLINE

Facilitated by VICA’s most in-demand course instructor, Debbie Hicks, this course puts you front-and-centre with a training team of 3 ICI practitioners. You’ll gain insights from each trainer’s perspective (Project Owner, Consultant and Contractor) into CM roles and responsibilities through each project phase, as well as key aspects of CM in the areas of functional requirements, time, cost, quality, and constructability.

3 Days, 4 Hours each day

Rick Boates, AScT., GSC, LEEDAP, Hugh Loughborough, P. Eng., GSC, Debbie Hicks, B.Sc, Mark Scharf, BA, MHA, Bill Chomik, AAA, SAA, OAA, AIBC, FRAIC, RCA, Terry Danelley, FRAIC, MAA, Elisa Brandts, AAA, OAA, NSAA, FRAIC

From $549.99 excl. GST

  • 21 Feb
    30 Min Orientation + 3 Days, Mon, Tue & Wed, 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
    Session Information

    Session Information

    Mon 21 Feb 13:00 - Mon 21 Feb 13:30
    LIVE, Online
    Session 1
    Tue 22 Feb 07:30 - Tue 22 Feb 11:30
    LIVE, Online
    Session 2
    Wed 23 Feb 07:30 - Wed 23 Feb 11:30
    LIVE, Online
    Session 3
    Thu 24 Feb 07:30 - Thu 24 Feb 11:30
    LIVE, Online
    30 Min Course Orientation is February 21; Training dates are February 22-24
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    • VICA Member Rate $599.99 excl. GST
    • $749.99 excl. GST

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