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Meet the CYF Team


Bianca Brown

Program Coordinator

Bianca joined VICA in January 2022 initially as the Harm Reduction Coordinator with VICA’s Tailgate Toolkit program, pivoting to CYF in 2023. With her 11 years of experience in working with youth with varying abilities and structured youth program settings, she brings her knowledge of mental health, employment development, and communication skills to our youth in the CYF program. Her passion for helping people grow to find their lifelong careers in the trades as well as her compassionate, hardworking, and energetic personality blends well with the rest of the CYF/VICA team.


Alison Bott

CYF, Program Coordinator

Alison joined VICA in August 2023 having spent the previous 15 years working for the Greater Victoria School District, with disengaged youth. As a former career coordinator, she encouraged students to find their pathway and make connections between classroom education, post-secondary instruction, and the workplace. Trades have always been something Alison has been passionate about, helping students find work experience placement opportunities with the Youth Work in Trades program, finding a sponsor employer and registering with the ITA as a youth apprentice.