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  • Gold Seal Credits: 2
  • Licensed Residential Builder CPD Points: 9

Managing CCDC Contracts for Project Success | LIVE, ONLINE Training

Remember when it comes to contracts, it’s not about your own thoughts and assumptions; it’s about what is written! Facilitated by VICA’s in-demand course instructor, Debbie Hicks, this course puts you front-and-center with a training team of 3 ICI practitioners. Gain insights from each trainer’s perspective (Project Owner, Consultant & Contractor) into key clauses and concepts in different project delivery methods that create challenges and conflict. Features clauses from: CCDC 2, 5A, 5B, 14 ,15.

3 Days, 4 Hours each day

Dean Slater, P.Eng., GSC, Bill Chomik, AAA, SAA, OAA, AIBC, FRAIC, RCA, Debbie Hicks, B.Sc, Hugh Loughborough, P. Eng., GSC

$749.99 excl. GST

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