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CCDC 10 – 2018 – Guide to Construction Project Delivery Methods




The choice of a delivery method is a crucial and strategic decision that should consider the needs of the owner, their organizational resources, and the needs of the project.

CCDC 10 identifies the issues that should be considered when selecting a project delivery method. It examines the characteristics and critical conditions for the following common project delivery methods:

  • Design – bid – build
  • Design – build
  • Construction management for services
  • Construction management for services and construction
  • Integrated project delivery

CCDC 10 also includes a chart showing how different project delivery methods can affect the following common project issues if all critical conditions are met:

  • Scope definition;
  • Performance requirements;
  • Schedule requirements;
  • Costs;
  • Allocation of human resources
  • and construction expertise;
  • Collaboration and communications

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