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CCDC 40 – 2018 – Rules for Mediation & Arbitration




Standard rules for mediation and arbitration of CCDC 2 construction disputes to be used in conjunction with the dispute resolution procedures of CCDC 2.

Construction disputes are common place. The multiplicity of parties and technical complexity of major construction projects makes these projects very susceptible to disagreements. The costs associated with resolving these disagreements can be burdensome even for the largest organizations. To avoid major expenses, lengthy and drawn out courts cases, and damaging future business partnerships, many Canadian firms are looking to other processes, often known as Alternative Dispute Resolution processes to manage conflict more efficiently. CCDC has adopted this approach to dispute resolution in its contract forms. The CCDC contract forms set out very specific methods for settling disputes incorporating the ADR concepts of negotiation, mediation and arbitration in a manner that encourages speedy, inexpensive and voluntary resolutions of construction disputes. The Rules for Mediation and arbitration of Construction Disputes has been specifically designed to be used with the dispute resolutions of CCDC contract forms and are incorporated by reference, most notably CCDC 2.

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