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November 8, 2023

Province introduces legislation to make it easier to build homes near transit, services and community amenities.

The Province of British Columbia has introduced legislation that, if passed, will, “will build on work underway to facilitate more transit-oriented development, create more livable communities and tackle the housing crisis.”

“Building more homes near transit is good for people, communities, and helps make the most of transit, infrastructure and services,” said Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Housing. “But layers of regulations and outdated rules are stopping this kind of development from becoming a reality in too many municipalities. That’s why we are taking action to remove barriers and deliver more transit-oriented communities, faster.”

Earlier this year as part of Budget 2023, the Province committed approximately $400 million to deliver thousands of units at or near transit over the next 10 to 15 years by accessing land that is suitable to be acquired near transit hubs and transforming it into thriving communities.

“We welcome any initiatives that look to reduce red tape and to accelerate increasing housing development on Vancouver Island, particularly around transit-oriented hubs and multi-modal transportation corridors,” said Vancouver Island Construction Association CEO Rory Kulmala. “In doing so, it reduces congestion, promotes sustainability and enhances accessibility for all, while fostering healthier and more connected communities, while creating a more efficient, equitable and vibrant urban environment.”

In some cases in B.C., higher-density neighbourhoods have been established around transit hubs, but in other cases, restrictive zoning bylaws and parking requirements, along with delayed development approvals, continue to slow down the delivery of homes and services near transit hubs. As B.C. continues to invest significantly in transit infrastructure, it is important that this investment accommodates additional housing units to create vibrant and livable neighbourhoods.

To read the entire Ministry of Housing news release, click here.