In November of 2016, VICA launched its Constructing a Future (now Construct Your Future) program to prepare young adults for a career in the construction industry. We're proud to say that most o four graduates are working for member organizations! We're excited to see how our graduates grow professionally and where they grow in the industry. Thank you to all members and community partners who supported us along the way. 

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Student Testimonial

The involvement of VICA Members and meeting them added so much value to the program. The certifications by themselves are great, but it's really a testimony to VICA as an organization that these companies are willing to come meet with us, and spend their time to share their experiences." - Woody Morrison, graduate of our January intake


Youth Constructing a Future


YCF Staff


Amie Kilgour joined VICA in October 2016 as the coordinator and instructor for our Youth Constructing a Future (YCF) Program. As a social worker and instructor, Amie brings with her over a decade of experience in employment services. Amie’s most memorable moment of the YCF program was the day of the Amazing Race. Participants completed challenges throughout Greater Victoria — at some of our member offices — using skills they learned in the program, including blueprint reading and hands-on building. They also gained knowledge about community resources.

If Amie worked in the construction industry, she would be a Cabinet Maker (Joiner) because she enjoys refinishing and restoring to make things beautiful again. She also enjoys being inside and staying warm! Amie is a hands-on kind of lady; she remodelled her home to remove a pink shag carpet and baby blue walls and also taught herself how to tile a kitchen, paint baseboards, and use a miter saw. Amie, a recent member of the “hockey mom” club, can be found at the arena every weekend with her two young sons. She admits that the 6:00 am start on Saturdays isn’t her favourite.

Funding for this program is provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Job Fund