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The Tailgate Toolkit Project

After a successful partnership in 2017 to offer naloxone training to its members, VICA is excited to be partnering again with Island Health for the Tailgate Toolkit Project. The Tailgate Toolkit Project is an innovative program aimed at increasing access to harm reduction services and ideas for those working in the construction industry.

Using a four-phased approach, the Tailgate Toolkit will engage with members of the construction industry who have lived experience with substance use as well as supervisors/coordinators who are responsible for implementing harm reduction measures within their company.

Based on the input from the community, consultation with experts, and other successful programs the Tailgate Toolkit will be delivered in 4 components. Each component will address a specific community need while supporting and reinforcing the capacity of the Toolkit as a whole to reduce overdose in our communities.

Industry Support Group

In response to community input, VICA has partnership with the Umbrella Society to for a industry-specific support group for people in construction dealing with substance use and are seeking support.

Taking place on Thursdays from 7 – 8pm, these weekly meetings will be a mixture of education, conversation, and practical coping strategies. Umbrella is excited to offer this new group facilitated by skilled Umbrella staff with lived experience and who worked in the trades industry.

Stakeholder Engagement Report

VICA and Island Health are extremely grateful to those who have participated in the stakeholder engagement process.

The stories heard within the interviews were undoubtedly ones of resilience, perseverance, and bravery.

These stories, along with the input from the Tailgate Toolkit Project Steering Committee and other successful programs around the world were used to determine the structure of the forthcoming Toolkit.

Next Steps: Meaningful Services from Community Input

Toolbox Talk

The first component of the Toolkit will be a Toolbox Talk which will facilitate an introductory conversation around the relationship between substance use and mental health, the current toxic state of the illicit drug supply, and outlines of what harm reduction and recovery services are available.

The Toolbox Talk will be approximately 30-45 minutes in length and delivered live on-site or via Zoom by VICA’s Harm Reduction Team

Supervisory Training

The second component of the Toolkit will be a training course for those in direct supervisory or front-line response positions which would cover recognizing substance use/impairment, mental health first aid, mental health and substance use literacy with a focus on having effective and supportive conversations, a more thorough summary of services available, and naloxone trainer training.

Digital and Print Resources

The third component of the Toolkit will be digital and print resources for both employees and employers that highlight the harm reduction and recovery services that are available to workers within and beyond their benefit packages.