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Rory Kulmala

Rory Kulmala

Chief Executive Officer

Rory has been working the construction scene throughout Canada for the last 25 years but primarily in the West as a general contractor and owner for both public and private sectors. With credentials out the wahzoo, he has accreditation as an Applied Science Technologist and a PMP, topped with an MBA. He retired after 28 years as a reserve officer with Canada’s Navy in early 2016 to spend more time with his family. His diverse background makes him an ideal candidate to lead VICA for years to come.


With his nautical bent, Rory would transform into a ship. Although the sea can be filled with peril, a ship that is able to weather the storm is a critical link to the world’s economy. Having been around the construction buoy (again with the nautical), he knows the ins and outs of the industry, who’s who in the zoo, and has established relationships that he leverages to enhance membership value. We just have to get him to relax on the morning inspections!


Call Rory direct: 250.727.2497

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Dawn Charity

Dawn Charity

Manager, Member Services (Nanaimo)

Dawn is a familiar face to many in the construction industry, as VICA’s longest staff member of 20 years. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she is always ready to assist members and future members alike.

Call Dawn direct: 250.483.7669

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Amie Kilgour

Amie Kilgour

Manager, Operations

Amie joined VICA in October 2016 as the coordinator of our then Constructing a Future Program. After developing that program to meet the contractual criteria of the government funder she went on to redevelop it for the second contract. Amie is excited to return to VICA in her new role combining her past experiences in accounting, social work, employment services and human resources. 


When Amie is not in the office, she can be found pouring over textbooks as she has recently embarked on a master's degree. She can also be found volunteering as a board member with Community Living Victoria. Amie is a member of the “hockey mom” club and can be found at the arena and lacrosse box every weekend with her partner Dave and two sons. She admits that the 6:00 am start on Saturdays isn’t her favourite...

Chenelle Falconer

Chenelle Falconer

Manager, Training & Education

If you've taken any of our courses, or had questions about Gold Seal Certification or CPD Points, you have probably spoken to Chenelle! She's that inquisitive and helpful woman who gets a kick out of hearing your enthusiasm for growing within the industry. It makes sense then that training and education is her schtick as it's her business to help you grow your business through further learning. Chenelle has been with VICA since September 2015 and tells us she would be lost with Internet Cat Videos. 


Call Chenelle direct: 250.483.7591
* for online course registration, please contact Serena

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Sarah Bartfai

Sarah Bartfai

Manager, Events & Administration

Sarah has been with VICA for ten years. If you haven’t already met her at the office or at one of our member events, she’s the woman with the unfaltering, genuine smile on her face. She’s a jack of all trades who claims to be the hammer of the world of tools: simple yet reliable.


When asked what song represents her life, her outlook, and/or her current state she replied, “Happy, by Pharrell”. For a woman who has two beautiful young boys, a loving boyfriend, and colleagues who would be lost without her, it makes sense. When asked what she’d be lost without, Sarah said spreadsheets...


Call Sarah direct: 250-900-0395

Serena Huppe

Serena Huppe

Services Assistant (Nanaimo)

That bubbly woman answering your phone calls and questions out of the Nanaimo office? That's Serena. If she hasn't proven to be helpful to you yet, then you haven't given her the proper chance. No problem is too big for her to solve and she'll walk you through the steps as if she wrote the guidebook herself.


Serena likes wine, big dogs, and Brie, and she's incredibly photogenic.


Call Serena direct: 250.999.8933 
*for online course registration assistance

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Kendra Renaerts

Kendra Renaerts

Project Services Coordinator (Nanaimo)

Kendra (aka Kenderella) is our purveyor of project updates. She knows the ins and outs of BidCentral and is in constant contact with planning departments throughout the Island on a hunt to find you prebid data for our weekly, exclusive-to-members PreBid Report that accompanies our Project Bulletin. 


Like a few other VICA staff members she, too, enjoys a big ole glass of wine. 


Call Kendra direct: 250.800.2027

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Owen O'Rourke

Owen O'Rourke

Communications Specialist

As VICA's Communications Coordinator, Owen is always looking to promote the VICA brand as well as our products and services to current and potential members. Pinning himself as a creative person, he loves the challenge of blending his creative intuitions with his professional life.

He's also got the art of "talking about nothing" down to a science and would love to chat about the weather with you. If we were to assign Owen a tool, it would probably be a ladder — although we doubt he’s ever had to use one (he’s freakishly tall). When Owen is not working, you’ll most likely find him walking his dog Woody or hanging out at the lake.


Call Owen direct: 250.800.1722

Sharlot Beatty

Sharlot Beatty

CYF, Program Coordinator

Sharlot has worked in Employment Services since 2012. She has facilitated employment programs for youth and young adults for many agencies both here in Victoria and in Nelson BC. Sharlot has held positions as a Case Manager for WorkBC and as an Outreach Worker, helping homeless people gain the skills and stability necessary to sustain employment. She has also worked in many other industries including Construction, Forestry, Hospitality, Oil and Gas and Administration. Her diverse work history allows her to relate to and assist job seekers of all backgrounds.


Sharlot uses empathy and humour to inform her facilitation style, and always looks for unconventional methods of teaching. In her free time she enjoys building things, creating art, being physically active, seeing live music and spending time with her family.

Call Sharlot direct: 250-800-1162

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Bill O'Brien

Bill O'Brien

CYF, Job Developer

Bill joined VICA's Construct Your Future team in March of 2018, coming from School District 61. As an educator, trained paramedic, and carpentry apprentice, Bill takes great pride in the CYF program. "This program empowers our participants to make an impact in an already booming industry. We thoroughly prepare them for sustained employment with our in-house workshops, safety training, and VICA member engagement. These youth are our future leaders in the trades, so let’s give them an incredible start in the trades with the Construct Your Future program."


After meeting him, you'll receive he is the quintessential ambassador for CYF that never lets his smile fade. When not at work, Bill is busy with his three kids: biking, playing tennis, rugby, and hiking the beautiful trails the island has to offer.

Call Bill direct: 778-403-0085

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Rubia Martins

Rubia Martins

CYF, Administrative Assistant

Rubia joined VICA's Construct Your Future team in June of 2020, coming from a Business Administration Program at Uvic. She is Brazilian and moved to Canada in January 2019 to have the chance to fulfill her dream of living an international experience. Rubia has also a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, and in her home country, she had the opportunity to work in different industrial segments: mining, manufacturing, and construction.


"I feel privileged to be part of this team because I know the importance that this project has in the lives of the participants. I had the opportunity to participate in a similar program when I was a young adult, and it allowed me my first professional experience and the beginning of a career".

Rubia assists the program in administrative activities and helps Sharlot and Bill with whatever is needed during all processes. When she is not working, Rubia loves watching movies, looking for new trails for hiking, and meeting her friends.


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