The construction industry in British Columbia and on Vancouver Island needs you! Did you know that by 2025 there will be 15,000 construction jobs in BC that will be unfilled due to labour shortages? Over two-thirds of our province’s skilled tradespeople are over the age of 45. In the next ten years, we anticipate a large shift in the industry as many of our most highly skilled and experienced site leaders and tradespeople retire – leaving an expertise gap that you could help fill!

Earning Gold Seal Certification in your designation is the right step for your career future. GSC is recognized as the standard of excellence for Canadian construction management professionals.  Becoming a Gold Seal Intern is your path to Gold Seal Certification - if you are a new leader in the construction industry, GSI can help you achieve your professional goals.

Individuals who use the designation GSI have successfully applied and are registered as Gold Seal Interns in the Gold Seal Program. The GSI designation indicates that you have a minimum of one year of experience employed in your designation and are working towards your Gold Seal Certification (GSC). 



If you have a minimum of one year of employment experience in your designation, you can apply to become a registered Gold Seal Intern (GSI). Once approved, you will have five years to complete the requirements needed to successfully apply for your Gold Seal Certification and challenge the GSC exam in your chosen designation.

GSC requires you to demonstrate that you have a minimum of five years’ experience in your designation. However, one advantage you gain as a Gold Seal Intern is that out of the minimum five years’ work experience required, two years may be earned through work you have performed in an assistant role.



Ready to apply for GSI? Congratulations on taking the next step in your professional development! The Gold Seal Program emphasizes construction management experience and currently offers credentialing in five industry designations. When you apply to register as a Gold Seal Intern you will identify your designation and in the following five years you must earn the required industry experience in this designation.

The five designations in the Gold Seal Program that are offered for GSI include:

  • Estimator
  • Superintendent
  • Project Manager
  • Owners' Construction Manager
  • Safety Coordinator (*Please see special note below*)

Registration for GSI in the Gold Seal Program is completed through an online application process at the Gold Seal Certification website. Read through the tips below to make sure you have what you need handy when you are ready to submit your application.

We also recommend you review the industry designation descriptions from the Gold Seal Certification Guide (links below) and make sure you're applying for the right designation before you start!



VICA is a proud partner in the Gold Seal Program and we work hard to support you! After you complete your application for GSI online, it will be screened through two levels of evaluation. First, it is reviewed at a local level here at VICA. We review your application to make sure you meet the basic requirements and have included all required documentation. Next, if approved at the local level, your application is assessed by a national review board where it is either approved or declined. You will receive a letter of notification in the mail, and if you are approved for GSI, a formal certificate as well.

VICA Training & Education Gold Seal Intern Application TipsWe have a lot of experience assisting candidates through the application process. Take a minute to read through the tips below and get the inside scoop on the online application before you apply.

Minimum Experience: Gold Seal Interns must have a minimum of one year of experience in their industry designation. Experience earned in an assistant role will be accepted.​

  • TIP: Keep in mind that later, when you apply for GSC, you will be required to demonstrate five years of experience, and only two years’ may be from working in an assistant role. Think ahead and make sure you give yourself enough time to get the experience you need to succeed.

Letter of Recommendation: If you do not include a Letter of Recommendation your application will not be approved! Your application for GSI will require a Letter of Recommendation from your current employer that states your position/title, length of time with the company, and a short description of your duties. If you are self-employed, a letter from a client is required instead.

  • TIP: Make sure that your job title or position matches the designation you are applying for.
  • TIP: Review the descriptions of each industry designation provided in the links above. Make sure that you are applying for the right designation!
  • TIP: Give your employer the description of your industry designation and suggest that your Letter of Recommendation include some of the same language. This will help the reviewers when they assess your application.

Project List: This is where you will demonstrate your industry experience by providing details about the projects you have worked on. It will include: project name, description, contract value, year, job title, your duties on the project, and contact information for your direct supervisor on the project.

  • TIP: You only need to include one project per year of experience in your application. Submitting multiple projects in the same year will not count towards additional experience and is just giving yourself more work!
  • TIP: Make sure that your job title is the same as the designation you are applying for, and that your job duties match the description of your industry designation provided in the links above.
  • TIP: This is the place where most applications run into problems! Incorrect or mismatching information here will cost you time and lead to a delay in the approval of your application. Double check your information and make sure you have all the details you need before you sit down to complete your application.

*Special note for Safety Coordinators*

Safety managers who hold a valid provincial/territorial Construction Safety Officer (CSO) designation will automatically qualify for 3 years of construction site safety experience. Depending on your additional experience and industry education, you may qualify to challenge the Gold Seal Certification exam.

If you have your CSO designation and are considering applying as an intern, you may want to review the GSC requirements first and find out if you qualify to apply for GSC directly.