Smart Cities Podcast: Construction Week Viewpoint

As a fourth industrial revolution sweeps across the world, Construction Week Viewpoint takes a deep-dive look at smart city initiatives in Kuwait, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Unprecedented digital breakthroughs have promised to deliver profound effects to the global economy, but how is this taking shape in the Middle East? Locally, urban planners are pushing smart city plans that integrate data, technology, and analytics to optimise public services, minimise energy consumption, and cut waste.

The latest episode of Construction Week Viewpoint zeros in on the smart city schemes reshaping the built world in the Middle East, and redefining the concept of what it means to build smart.

May 21, 2018

Building Links Celebrates 25 Years!

Building Links, the North Island's Construction newsletter has been reporting on new construction, tenders, building permits and industry news for 25 years. On May 16th, they published their 1,250th issue.
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