Public Warning Issued After Similar Frauds Lead To Significant Losses

"Financial Crime Investigators are urging members of the business community to take steps to protect their finances and business practices after receiving reports of a series of similar frauds which have each led to significant losses. These frauds, which appear to target service professionals such as lawyers, accountants and purchasing managers, use “man-in-the-middle” style attacks to undermine otherwise legitimate transactions." - VIC PD Public Warning

Due to the large purchases and amounts of money associated with construction projects the construction industry is a prime target for fraud.

Fraudsters able to represent themselves as owners and managers have been able to authorize large scale illegal transactions and are costing companies millions. 

This type of attack implies that the perpetrators have been able to gain Administrator access to the victims mail servers and create bogus accounts. As you can imagine, anyone with Administrator access to your server would be able to see, modify or redirect any e-mail in the organization to them.


First, ensure you've moved to SSL secured mail hosting. Modern server mitigate 'man in the middle' attacks by securing with SSL. Ensure your server does this (and not with self signed certificates).

Second, find out who has admin access to your server, and if you haven't recently, change the password to a unique password. Using the same password for Facebook, banking and your server is just begging for trouble.

Thirdly, ensure all software, both on your workstations and your servers, is current and up to date. Many hacks can be traced back to out of date or expired Anti-Virus and other security software.

Lastly, talk to a qualified I.T. Professional. Organizations like mine can help to ensure that your mail servers are secured. Things like SSL certificates, server patching and cloud hosting solutions can be very technical and a few hours of professional advice and implementation can go a long way to making your company secure.

The danger is very real, and like a job site, most accidents can be traced back to poor implementation, training and attention to detail. Be safe.

Federal Contracting Fraud Tip Line:

July 25, 2017

WiC Nanaimo: A Race in the Park

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July 21, 2017

Replacing Hard Hats with Safety Helmets

For 40-plus years the design of construction hard hats hasn’t changed much—a brimmed shell attached to a suspended, adjustable headband. Our neighbours in the south are looking at new designs to improve safety on site. Should we too?
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June 19, 2017

3D-printing bringing "impossible" designs to life

When Janjaap Ruijssenaars revealed his Landscape House design to the world, everyone went nuts. The Dutch architect’s proclamation that his visionary building would be 3D printed made international headlines, as did the shape it could take thanks to 3D-printing software.
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June 08, 2017

CHEK News' Downtown 2020: Construction Edition

We worked with Richard and Don from CHEK to help paint a picture of the construction industry as their team tells a story of the changing cityscape in Downtown Victoria. Tune into CHEK at 5 PM tonight (June 8)!
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May 30, 2017

Skyscrapers of the Future Could Be Made of Wood

Back in 1889, Chicago's 10-story Rand McNally Building became the world's first all-steel-framed skyscraper, ushering in an age in which metal, glass and concrete towers would dominate the skylines of major cities. Since then, those sturdy, versatile materials have allowed builders to create scores of spectacular structures.
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May 28, 2017

CBTU resolve to work with indigenous communities

On May 17th, Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) resolved to provide career opportunities in the skilled construction trades for underrepresented segments of the population including First Nations, Metis, and Inuit (FNMI) Peoples.
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May 22, 2017

Communities of practice for a stronger industry

More and more, you’re seeing and hearing this term thrown around the construction industry. Organizations like the Lean Construction Institute of Canada (LCI-C) are promoting and supporting communities of practice to improve the procurement process and ultimately strengthen the industry.
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May 16, 2017

Digital transformation in the real estate industry

While digital transformation has disrupted almost every type of business, the real estate industry has been traditionally slow to move with the times – until now, according to participants at a recent 2nd Asia Pacific Leadership Symposium in Hong Kong organised by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and by the World Economic Forum (WEF).
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May 15, 2017

Trust-based teams build better

Award-winning author and futurist Rex Miller says the way most construction projects are carried out now drives good people to do bad things.
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May 15, 2017

VPD Steps Up Enforcement in Support of Roadside Worker Safety

The B.C. Cone Zone Campaign coincides with the increase in roadside work throughout the province in the warmer months of the year. In the City of Vancouver, major road construction and repair projects will be as much as 25 percent greater than the same period in 2016.
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