National Contracting Solutions has found their niche within commercial construction

NANAIMO - Out of their headquarters in Nanaimo, National Contracting Solutions Ltd. (NCS) has established itself as a full-service team for retail franchises all over North America.

The company was created in 2008 as a response to industry trends. Its founders identified a key need in commercial construction: the need for a professional, skilled general contractor for national clients with multiple locations.

“With a small team of well-rounded, dedicated professionals and tradespeople, as well as a modest fleet, our team began building partnerships with major franchises such as 7-Eleven, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and others,” says Felicia Mark, Operations Coordinator. “Since then, we have expanded our labour force, fleet, National Contracting Solutionscontracts, and offices to meet the growing demands of our repeat customers.”

Today, the company fields a team of over 50 employees, including management, estimating teams, projects teams, and a diverse team of tradespeople.

“NCS has a skilled group of in-house tradespeople including, but not limited to, carpenters, electricians, and HVAC crew members,” says Mark. “Our vast in-house trades allow us to achieve the demanding schedules requested by our clients with ease. Furthermore, it allows NCS to manage safety and quality, which are its highest priorities. As an NCS employee, all crew members share a common dedication to provide high-quality construction that fulfills or exceeds client expectations.”

With its team of skilled tradespeople, NCS is able to complete projects under extreme time constraints and at times, challenging site conditions.

“Our schedules can range anywhere from 24 hour turnarounds to several months,” says Mark.

Referring to a recent project, Managing Director Byron Tarby comments, “We just finished renovating eight 7-Eleven locations in downtown Vancouver. We originally had over 20 days to complete the renovations, but at the last-minute, our schedule was compressed by our customer to 14 days, with additions to the scope of the project. In spite of this, our team was still able to complete the project within the time restrictions with minimal interruptions to business activities in each location as the stores remained open for business.”

7-Eleven has been one of NCS’s largest clients. Since 2008, they have been chosen to  work with 7-Eleven in stores throughout Canada and the United States.

A project highlight was, “In July 2016, NCS was awarded a major contract working in partnership with 7-Eleven on the Imperial Oil Acquisition Remodel Project,” says Mark. “NCS took on the role as general contractor for this three-phase project involving 139 Esso stores across Western Canada.

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