Ensuring adequate support for concrete block masonry walls during construction

Concrete block masonry walls are common on construction sites throughout B.C. This bulletin examines the potential hazard of wall collapse without sufficient lateral support. It also discusses how owners, employers, and contractors can prevent masonry wall collapses.

The engineering drawings for a building typically detail how masonry walls are to be permanently supported by the other components of the building structure. However, these engineering drawings don't usually addresss how masonry walls are to be supported during construction. 

Contractors must ensure that masonry walls are supported adequately during construction, particular when it comes to lateral stability. During construction, lateral support of a masonry wall is typically achieved by one or both of the following:

  • Installing permanent supports as wall construction progresses
  • Restraining the wall with temporary braces

What is the hazard? 

If sufficient lateral support of a masonry wall is not maintained during construction, the wall could collapse catastrophically due to its low resistance to lateral loads such as wind.

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