CCA invites members to make views known on Aecon acquisition by CCCI International Holdings

CCA Chair Chris McNally recently sent COOs of member associations an email relating to the acquisition of Aecon, a Canadian publicly-traded construction firm, by CCCI International Holdings, a Chinese state-owned company. The CCA has advised the government of Canada of its opposition to government-owned or controlled entities competing for construction contracts, asking that the time for review be extended to allow for more fulsome input from the industry. 

The Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) long-standing policy on this issue states: “CCA opposes government-owned, or controlled, entities competing for construction contracts.”

The review process is well underway. Make your views known without delay, in writing to:
Paul Halucha, Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry Sector
235 Queen St, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5

“This is not about competition from foreign construction companies – this is about foreign governments being in the construction business in Canada,” said CCA chair Chris McNally. “We want a level playing field. Government-owned and government-controlled entities have completely different access to capital and can be influenced by political agendas.”


If you aren't already familiar with CCCI acquisition of Aecon, there are plenty of resources out there that paint a picture of a company with a history of bid-rigging scandals and controversy. 


  • Chinese bid for Aecon construction comes with warnings for Trudeau Liberals [link]
  • Aecon Group agrees to be acquired by CCCI for $20.37 per share [link]
  • China to have a stake in Site C contract following Aecon acquisition [link
  • Aecon shareholders approve $1.5-billion takeover by Chinese company [link]
  • Construction CEO raises fear of Chinese espionage in Aecon takeover [link]

May 21, 2018

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