Canadian Construction Industry on the Hill: Unite. Evolve. Lead

Ottawa, November 27, 2018  – The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and 100 of its members are gathering on Parliament Hill today to meet with federal decision makers about the essential role the industry plays in the lives of Canadians. CCA is a 20,000 firm strong organization drawing membership from 63 local and provincial construction associations in every province and territory. Annually construction is responsible for nearly $119 billion in economic activity or 7 per cent of Canada’s overall gross domestic product (GDP).

“Our central message is that the Canadian Construction industry is the backbone of the government’s Investing in Canada plan,” said Zey Emir, CCA Chair. “Our industry employs 1.4 million Canadians, many who work for small- or medium-sized firms. The government’s continued investment in infrastructure spending and commitment to ensuring that the funds flow to communities is essential to a vibrant Canada, ” Zey continued.

General, trade and civil contractors together with manufacturers, suppliers and industry association leaders  will discuss three key issues facing the industry: investor confidence in Canada, inclusive workforce and innovation.

Today also marks a very important milestone in CCA’s history as they celebrate 100 years of service building a better Canada.

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November 16, 2018

Contract Awarded for Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative

The City of Victoria, on behalf of the Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative Steering Committee, is pleased to announce it has awarded a two-year contract to Scale Collaborative, Vancouver Island Construction Association, Buy Social Canada, and Presentations Plus to incubate a two-year Social Procurement Hub for the Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative (CCSPI).
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VICA Halloween 2018.jpg
November 01, 2018

October 31: A Spirited Time for the Construction Industry

Over here at the Construction Association, we take full advantage of every opportunity to play dress up and act out of character, while still getting our jobs done. Some of us are super...and some of us are super twisted. We love seeing our members showing their spirited side as well!
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October 23, 2018

​Legislation better protects temporary foreign workers from exploitation

The legislation is intended to recognize the important role foreign workers have in B.C.’s growing economy. While most employers and recruiters are committed to treating foreign nationals fairly, there are some who require closer scrutiny and enforcement action. In 2017, there were 47,620 work permits issued for foreign workers destined for B.C. The third largest sector is accommodation and food services (8%), followed by construction (6%) and manufacturing (5%).
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October 18, 2018

Adding computational power to construction sites

IBM’s Watson supercomputer has beat Jeopardy champions, reconstituted recipes, and even helped create highlight reels for the World Cup. Now it’s taking on a new tech challenge; changing how the construction industry operates.
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