BC Government Expanding Insulin Pump Coverage as of July 3, 2018

Do you or someone you know live with diabetes? Almost half a million British Columbians do.

The provincial government has announced that it has enhanced coverage for insulin pumps. As of July 3, 2018, insulin pumps are covered under BC Pharmacare for residents of any age. Prior to this announcement, insulin pumps were covered for BC residents under the age of 25 only. Insulin pumps can cost upwards of $6,000 to $7,000 (requiring replacement roughly every five years).

Our BCCA Employee Benefits plan includes coverage for insulin pumps. This decision to remove the age limit for coverage of insulin pumps under BC Pharmacare will help to share some of the cost so that the Extended Health plan remains affordable in the years to come.

For further details about this announcement, including some 'Quick Facts', visit: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2018HLTH0060-001168

July 27, 2018

REPOST: Pattullo Procurement Strategy Takes BC Construction a Bridge Too Far

The new Pattullo Bridge Community Benefits Agreement patently illustrates what is unfair with our current government’s policy decision to mandate the nature and extent of procurement requirements in major public construction projects. For BCCA, an association that hinges its principles on fair, open and transparent procurement practices, this agreement is taking public policy in construction tendering a bridge too far.
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July 23, 2018

[Op-Ed] Dana Taylor: B.C. needs prompt-payment legislation for contractors

When was the last time you bought groceries and told Save-On Foods that they would have to wait a couple of months before you would pay them? It would never fly. Trade contractors in British Columbia — those who build the structures in which you live, work, play and study — must also pay their expenses on time. But to get paid for their completed work, they must routinely wait and wait and wait.
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