5 Emerging Technologies Your Construction Firm Should Consider

New technologies that can improve your construction business are constantly emerging. These advances range from software to help you manage your business flow to updates on "old" tools, like laser levels and nail guns. Here are are five emerging advancements and how they are changing the construction industry.


Though you may think of drones as playthings for children and hobbyists, drones have numerous uses and can be used to take your construction business to the next level. Drones outfitted with smart sensors are one of the emerging technologies in the construction industry. They can be used to capture information, like ground/grid mapping and site inventory, and send it to a secure cloud server that you can retrieve the data from. 


Lightweight and powerful, iPads can be used almost anywhere, whether you're in the office or on a job site. In addition to being easily transported, iPads are multifunctional. You can download apps for nearly every part of your construction process. While many construction projects used to require expensive software or equipment for things like GPS mapping and designing remodels, a few iPad applications can provide all you need. For example, FingerCAD is an app that lets you draw technical things, like extensions on a home, with just your fingertips. Another tool is sightLevel Pro, which works as a laser level. 


It isn’t just new tools that are revolutionizing the construction industry. Old tools are getting new updates that help them perform better. For example, rotatory laser levels are some of the most common tools found on a construction site. New laser levels include 360-degree reference levels and multicolored laser beams. Another upgrade is a feature that alerts you if the level is bumped and the gradient is shifted, so you do not accidently work off the wrong level line. These precise levels help you seamlessly carry out the most precise work when installing fences or trim and other tasks that require flat surfaces.

Construction Management Software

An updated construction management application can save you money over the lifecycle of your project. Instead of using regular project management software or another tool, it is best to use management software that is specifically designed for construction projects. Like other software, construction management software can be installed on an iPad, so you can take it with you on the job. This helps you track budgets and ongoing expenses no matter where you are.

Construction Estimating Software

Inaccurate bidding is one of the quickest ways to lose money on a project. If you inaccurately bid, you set yourself and your clients up for failure. To ensure you produce an accurate estimate, it is important to use an advanced estimating tool. While estimating tools have been on the market for years, new and improved editions are changing the way construction companies do business. These new apps can be installed on an iPad and seamlessly integrate with other software products like Excel and your payroll system to ensure you get the most from the software. 

New technologies can keep your construction business lean and competitive. New tools, like drones, can help you easily access information about your construction project, while updates to old tools can help you easily complete tasks that previously took longer. Pinpoint the best new technology for your company to get the most out of your business.

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