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British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

Business Type: Public Owner/Agency
In April 2003, BC Ferries was transformed from a Crown corporation into an independent, commercial organization under the Company Act. BC Ferries is governed by an independent Board of Directors appointed by the B.C. Ferry Authority. The provincial government passed the Coastal Ferry Act in 2003, which established the BC Ferries Commissioner as an independent commercial regulator. It also enabled the Government to enter into the Coastal Ferries Services Contract with BC Ferries as a vehicle to implement Government transportation policy around service levels and fares and allows cross subsidization between routes. The Contract is divided into four-year performance terms. The purpose of the new structure was to separate the operation of the company from the establishment of ferry policy; that is, to ensure government has the full ability to establish policy but not to affect the day-to-day operation of the company.

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Madelaine Lavis
Location: Victoria, Other
Phone Number: 250-978-1140

Industry Information

Business Type: Public Owner/Agency
Sub-Categories: Travel


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