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A Time to Support our Hospital Heroes

Throughout the highs and lows of the pandemic, there has been one constant: our local hospital staff working tirelessly to deliver the best care possible.

This holiday season, VICA is rallying support for our front-line healthcare teams in lieu of a Christmas Toy Drive, and shining a light on the Hospital Heroes who have been facing COVID-19 head-on since the start of the pandemic. 


Day and night, our Island Health colleagues change and save lives. They care for the vulnerable, injured, and sick—you, your neighbor, your spouse, your child, your parent. 

They are selfless and dedicated. But they continue to give their all—for all of us. 

By donating today, your generous donation will go directly to the comforts of our frontline care teams, so they can take a break, relax, and feel appreciated.

A charitable receipt will be issued for all donations 


VICA has partnered with three hospital foundations along the island, allowing our members to give back directly to the communities they live in.

Please click one of the buttons below to access each foundation’s donation portals.