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Courses for Public Owners: April – June 2023

Featuring courses and events that directly benefit public sector employees working in the ICI Construction Sector. For more information, click on the course title or contact VICA’s Training & Education Manager, Chenelle, at Full course descriptions are listed at the bottom of this page.


***June 15 – VICA Construction Procurement CoP| CCDC 2-2020: Key Changes, Onerous Clauses & BCDC2-2020


VICA Construction Procurement CoP| June 15, CCDC 2-2020: Key Changes, Onerous Clauses & BCDC2-2020

VICA’s Construction CoP is exclusive to construction procurement specialists and employees from public agencies, municipalities, and regional districts across Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. We host quarterly sessions on a variety of topics in order to:

  • Promote open conversations about construction procurement
  • Promote open conversations about working/engaging successfully with Contractors
  • Develop a network of/for public sector specialists working in construction procurement in our region

Thursday, June 15, 10:00-11:30am

FREE! Zoom registration:

Topic | CCDC 2-2020: Key Changes, Onerous Clauses & BCDC2-2020

Presentation Topics

  • Key contract changes between the CCDC2-2008 and the new CCDC2-2020
  • Onerous Supplementary Conditions
  • Overlaps with BCDC2-2020

Guest Speakers

  • Terry Brown, P.GSC, STBR Consulting Ltd. | President
  • Katy Fairley, BCCA & Fairley Strategies | Industry Standard Practices Consultant

Guest Speaker Bios

Terry Brown, P.GSC, STBR Consulting Ltd. | President

An integral member of Greyback Construction Ltd. for 25 years, Terry led commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-residential projects as Senior Project Manager. In 2009, he retired from Greyback to launch STBR Consulting, his own construction consulting and project management company. Terry continues to contribute this expertise to the industry with current and past volunteer activities including: BCCA, WorkSafeBC, CCDC, Pentowna Marina Board of Directors, the Canadian Design-Build Institute, the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, among others. In 2018 Terry was awarded CCA’s Person of the Year and in 2013 he was the recipient of the Queen’s Jubilee Award.

Katy Fairley, BCCA & Fairley Strategies | Industry Standard Practices Consultant

Prior to founding Fairley Strategies, Katy was the VP of Business Development for general contractor Kinetic Construction. She brings a wealth of contacts and Association experience to the position through her previous roles as a Board Director at VICA, VRCA, BCCA, and CCA. Katy has served on numerous industry taskforces and committees, including the CCA and BCCA Standard Practices Committee and BCCA Executive Committee. Fairley Strategies provides strategic advice for procurement, construction delivery methods, and contracts. At a time when construction procurement expertise is eroding and public budgets are stretched to capacity, the need for broader adoption of fair, open, and transparent practices and standard documents is undisputable.

BCCA Owners Only | April 17, “Risky Business: Career Contractors on Public Sector Procurement and Projects”

BCCA is VICA’s provincial voice, and through our work together, we promote fair, open and transparent procurement. Our “Owners Only” sessions create a ‘safe space,’ exclusive to public owners, to share best practices on procurement, tendering, and contracts, including their administration, interpretation, and application. Our goal is to demystify our industry for the public servants who purchase construction services on behalf of BC’s Ministries, Municipalities, Crown Corporations, Health Authorities, Universities and School Districts.

Monday, April 17, 12:00-1:00pm (speakers will remain until 1:30pm for additional Q&A time)

FREE! Zoom registration:

Topic | Risky Business: Career Contractors on Public Sector Procurement

In honour of BC’s 6th Annual Construction and Skilled Trades Month in April, this Owners Only session brings you an insider’s view from two general contractors and one trade contractor who have collectively built thousands of publicly funded projects across BC.

Session Topics:

  • How has public sector procurement changed over their careers?
  • What makes a project attractive to pursue?
  • How do GCs and trades make the decision to bid?
  • Change orders: are they really the profit generators owners think they are?
  • What they look for in a contract, and how the contract influences their decision-making.

Session Panelists

Our panelists are here to share their opinions, expertise, and experience as construction professionals. They are not representing their employers, and so we have chosen to share their first names only. Collectively they have more than 95 years experience and have built billions of public sector projects across BC. You want to learn what they have to say!

 Roger has 30 years in industry. He is the co-chair of the Deputy Ministers Industry Infrastructure Forum (DMIFF) and Chair of BCCA’s Standard Practices Committee, an owner and vice-president of a general contractor, and a civil engineer.

Clark has 40 years in industry. He is a DMIIF industry representative, owner and Vice-President of a General Contractor, plus a former Chief Estimator.

Keith has 25 years in industry. He is a president of a large, province-wide trade contracting firm and a Red Seal Journeyperson (trade.)

Free! Law @ Lunch | 7 Key Differences When Building for Local Government

April 19 or June 27, 12:00pm-1:00pm

Pull up a seat! This virtual, 1-hour, lunchtime session will cover seven unique aspects of local government building projects and their impact on legal rights and remedies for contractors and subcontractors. Useful for local government employees to gain perspective on factors that GC’s and TC’s must be prepared for when working on your projects! Presenters Michael Moll and Marcela Outau are lawyers with Civic Legal LLP, a firm that specializes in local government construction and development. FREE for VICA Members!

Managing CCDC Contracts for Project Success (Managing Construction Series) | Live, ONLINE

April 20, 25-27 – 30 Min Orientation + 3 days, Tue, Wed & Thu 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Remember when it comes to contracts, it’s not about your own thoughts and assumptions; it’s about what is written! Facilitated by VICA’s in-demand course instructor, Debbie Hicks and a training team ICI practitioners. Gain insights from each trainer’s perspective (Project Owner, Consultant & Contractor) into key clauses and concepts in different project delivery methods that create challenges and conflict. Features clauses from: CCDC 2, 5A, 5B, 14 ,15.

Free! BCCA Project Closeout Guide, Info Session

April 25, 12:00pm-1:30pm

Join us for this FREE walkthrough of BCCA’s new Guide to the Closeout of Construction Contracts and Projects. This new guide is a comprehensive, in-depth tool with practical recommendations designed to help you be more effective in the closing stages of your contracts and project closeouts – including the progressive release of a subcontractor’s holdback. Featuring the expert taskforce who authored the guide, you don’t want to miss this free session!

FREE Webinar! | Managing Construction Series: Raising the Bar

May 1, 10:30am-12:00pm

Delivered by a multi-disciplinary training team of industry experts, you don’t want to miss this! Learn about this innovative course series that will empower you to manage and mitigate project risks by focusing on the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the CCDC contract clauses that are our commitments to each other.

Project Delivery Methods (Managing Construction Series) | Live Online

May 11 & 16-18, 30 Min Orientation + 3 days, Tue, Wed & Thu 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Facilitated by VICA’s most in-demand course instructor, Debbie Hicks, this course puts you front-and-center with a training team of 3 ICI practitioners. You’ll review each project delivery method (Design-Bid, Design-Bid-Build, CM, IPD, P3) from the perspectives of a Project Owner, Consultant, and Contractor as well as the clauses in CCDC 2, 5A, 5B, 14, and 15, that are critical to each delivery method’s success.

CCDC 14 & 15: Managing the Uniqueness of Design Build (Managing Construction Series) | Live Online

May 18, & 24-26, 30 Min Orientation + 3 days, Wed, Thu & Fri 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM

This course covers the unique contractual conditions that occur when an owner employs Design Build and essential insights for improving your chances of success. You’ll learn about the crucial clauses in CCDC 14 & 15 contracts and the fundamental elements of Design Build for project success. Delivered by a training team of ICI practitioners, you’ll get insights from each trainer’s perspective (Project Owner, Consultant and Contractor) into the challenges and opportunities of this project delivery method.

Builders Lien Act | Live, ONLINE 

May 30, 8:00am-10:00am

Avoid financial and legal mistakes that commonly result from misunderstandings of the Builders Lien Act! Join us for this short, content-packed course that will help you understand the rights, remedies, and processes created by the Builders Lien Act.

Construction Risk: Identify, Analyze, Mitigate | Live, ONLINE

May 30-June 2, 8:30am-11:30am

This hands-on course is a comprehensive overview of managing risk within the construction industry. You will learn how to create and apply a risk management plan and walk away with practical tools you can use to mitigate and manage risk on your projects.

CCA 1 – 2021 Changes | Live, ONLINE *FREE for VICA Members

June 7, 9:00am-12:00am

FREE for VICA Members! Learn about key changes to the new CCA 1 – 2021. Walk away with a clear grasp of the updates, how they correspond to the new CCDC 2 – 2020, and how these document changes will impact you and your team.

CCDC 5A/5B: Construction Management Keys to Success (Managing Construction Series) | Live, ONLINE

June 8, & 13-15, 30 Min Orientation + 3 days, Tue, Wed & Thu 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM

A great solution if done well, Construction Management (CM) is about building a collaborative team from the outset of the project. Delivered by a training team of ICI practitioners, this course will give you insights into CM project delivery from each trainer’s perspective (Project Owner, Consultant and Contractor). Content will cover CM roles and responsibilities through each project phase, as well as key aspects of CM in the areas of functional requirements, time, cost, quality, and constructability.

CCDC2-2020: Significant Changes & What They Mean for You | Live, ONLINE *FREE for VICA Members

June 14, 10:00am-12:00pm

For the first time since 2008, the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) published a new edition of the CCDC 2 – 2020 Stipulated Price Contract…so what does this mean for you? Join us and learn about the introduction of the term “Ready-for-Takeover,” changes to insurance, changes to GC 1.1, changes to reimbursable costs for change directives, and much more!

Construction 101 | Live, ONLINE

June 15 & 20-23, 45 Minute Orientation + 4 days, Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri 8:00 AM – 12:15 PM

An essential course for public owner employees, this course has something for everyone – whether you have years of experience or are new to the industry. Don’t be misled by the ‘101’ – over 30% of our course attendees have 10+ years of industry experience! Perfect for procurement professionals and buyers, developing leaders, as well as operations and administrative staff. This course is the comprehensive, industry knowledge boot camp that will support your team’s success.