CCVI Forum 2017


Networking Breakfast


Welcome and Introductions: Greg Baynton, Former VICA CEO


KEYNOTE: The Evolution of Construction

Nikolas Badminton, Futurist [BIO]

The projected value of construction in 2017 is estimated at more than 1 trillion dollars and this number continues to grow at over 6% per year! What is driving this industry growth? Innovation. Society is changing, and so are the needs of construction owners in both the public and private sector. New ways of thinking—from individuals to government and business—are making an impact in our industry. This presentation will look at upcoming trends (2017-2025) affecting construction globally, as well as more specifically in Canada and BC. Be transported to construction in 2030 and start building for the future. [key takeaways]


Sponsor Hosted Networking Break


Energy Step Code: Climate Leadership “Net Zero 2032” and Q&A

Christian Cianfrone, Principal, Morrison Hershfield Limited [BIO]

The Building Act and Climate Leadership Plan will foster consistency, competency, innovation and the end of local building codes in December 2017. This session will provide the construction community with insights into the implementation of the Energy Step Code so they might better prepare their organizations for change. Attendees will learn about the shift from prescriptive requirements to performance-based requirements, in addition to tools, incentives, quality assurance, compliance, and residential and non-residential targets. [key takeaways]


Future Focus: Harnessing the Wisdom – Workshops

This workshop is intended to facilitate dialogue between industry stakeholders who are traditionally siloed and provide an opportunity for attendees to work collaboratively on future possibilities and solutions. [learn more]


Networking Lunch (and trade show)


Future Focus: Harnessing the Wisdom – Plenary Session

This plenary session is intended to be a continuation of the morning workshop, giving attendees an even broader view of future Capital Project Delivery as imagined by their Forum peers. Attendees will hear industry leaders in each of the Capital Project delivery sectors and share the key ideas resulting from their cohort’s collaborative workshop session. [learn more]


Social Procurement and Vancouver Island Pilot

Sandra Hamilton, Canada's First Social MBA [BIO]

Social Procurement is more than a buzzword. Throughout European jurisdictions, Social Procurement policies and practices are now legally required. In Canada, we’re seeing a similar shift at both national and local levels. Our own federal government has signaled their intention to take a more socially innovative approach to public procurement and, in 2016, the Union of BC Municipalities passed Resolution B-76 to advance Social Procurement. Here on Vancouver Island, we have the highest level of political awareness of Social Procurement in Canada. [key takeaways]


Sponsor Hosted Networking Break


Improving Local Government Procurement Processes

Gordon Ruth, Auditor General for Local Government [BIO]

The Office of the Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG) was established in April 2012 to help local governments deliver services more efficiently, effectively, and economically. The AGLG accomplishes this mandate through performance audits, research, and advocacy about best practices. In this session, Gordon Ruth, AGLG, will provide insight into the role of the Auditor General for Local Governments. Along with information about available tools and resources, he will offer the AGLG’s perspective on procurement best practices. [key takeaways]


Construction Law Update

Tyler Galbraith, Jenkins Marzban Logan [BIO]

This session will provide attendees with an update about recent decisions by Canadian courts on construction law and related areas. Topics will include cases related to tendering and procurement, builder liens, insurance, payment issues, delay claims and more. [key takeaways]


Closing Comments: Anthony Minitti, Chair, and Rory Kulmala, VICA CEO


ACEC-BC and BCCA EBT Closing Reception


Delegates are pre-approved for 6.25 AIBC Core Learning Units and one Gold Seal Credit. Information on how to easily obtain them will be emailed to you.